Tuesday, October 30, 2007

KozyPal Kidz Gallery

Ever have one of those moments when you hear the birds chirping and the angels singing "HALLELUJAH - HALLELUJAH"?

Well, this would me today as I FINALLY figured out what I was doing wrong with getting my Galleries updated. After HOURS (and I'm going to guess on the low side of at least 12 hours), I was finally able to recover the codes needed (followed by a HUGE duh-moment).

After my hard drive crashed earlier this summer, I lost the files/program used and I haven't had a chance to work on this. I made it my mission last week to get our KozyPal Kidz and Photo Gallery updated. While I was able to edit all the photos and get those loaded, the bigger piece of the puzzle (gotta love the wonderful world of HTML coding) was making me bang my head into a brick wall.

Please give me a couple of days and I will be getting TONS of adorable new KozyPal Kidz loaded (thank you to everyone that has sumbitted) as well as update the Photo gallery.

(off to continue my happy dance - while boxing orders :P )

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Christmas Countdown has begun

WOW!! This year has FLOWN by. I knew the holidays were around the corner, but it wasn't until I sat down to look at the calendar, it hit me.
With the holidays upon us, I have updated our work list for custom
orders through the rest of the 2007. In the years past, I have shut
it down in early Nov, but this year with our added sewing team,
we will be able to continue to accept and work orders for a few extra weeks. This is great for our HOLIDAY SHOPPERS looking the perfect, custom christmas gift for their special little one on their holiday list.
Be sure to check out our open slots and plan your purchases well in advance.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

DOUBLE KozyPal Cart Covers now IN STOCK

Our Double KozyPal Cart Covers are now available in our PRE-MADE/IN STOCK section. We are working to add more fabric choices every week.

These cart covers are specifically designed to fit the double shopping carts that can seat 2 children. Great for Mom's of twins or mom's like me, with 2 small toddlers.

Our Pre-Made Double cart covers have been made with the following options:

  • 4 Nylon Toy Loops
  • 2 Sets of Leg Holes
  • 4 Leg Flaps (great feature should you need to use your KozyPal as a single cart cover...just close the outer leg holes.
  • 2 Sippy Cup holders
  • 2 Matching/Detachable Safety Belts and hooks.

Keep checking back to see what new fabric choices we've added to our collection.

Monday, October 15, 2007

GRAND OPENING of our new Design Studio

We are very excited to finally announce the GRAND OPENING of our New KozyPal Design Studio.

It was long overdue, since KozyPal had overtaken my little 300 sq ft dining room and nearly every closet in our home. Something had to be done so we could continue to meet the ever growing demand of our products..
We are now COMFORTABLY working in our new 1700+ sq ft commercial building equipped with new industrial machines. We have also brought our sewing team in house, which has been HEAVEN! Our 2 full time, professional seamtresses have both been sewing our KozyPals for over a year now. Having them in house, has allowed me to work one on one on a daily basis, to ensure only the HIGHEST quality is continued to be produced. Not to mention flexibility when it comes to the unique, custom work we do. Combined, these hardworking ladies have over 30 years experience and I am honored to have them on my KozyPal Team.

If you are local to the Houston area, **please feel free to stop by to see several of our models available. See the quality first hand and give our KozyPal a test drive. We are located at:2513 Massey-Tompkins RdBaytown TexasOur hours are Monday - Friday 9am - 4:30pm** by advanced appointment only.