Tuesday, October 23, 2007

DOUBLE KozyPal Cart Covers now IN STOCK

Our Double KozyPal Cart Covers are now available in our PRE-MADE/IN STOCK section. We are working to add more fabric choices every week.

These cart covers are specifically designed to fit the double shopping carts that can seat 2 children. Great for Mom's of twins or mom's like me, with 2 small toddlers.

Our Pre-Made Double cart covers have been made with the following options:

  • 4 Nylon Toy Loops
  • 2 Sets of Leg Holes
  • 4 Leg Flaps (great feature should you need to use your KozyPal as a single cart cover...just close the outer leg holes.
  • 2 Sippy Cup holders
  • 2 Matching/Detachable Safety Belts and hooks.

Keep checking back to see what new fabric choices we've added to our collection.

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